5 Steps to a Video Ho: Trey Songz – Bottoms Up ft. Nicki Minaj

In this week’s edition of 5 Steps to a Video Ho, we’ll explore the dark depths of the club with Trey Songz in “Bottoms Up.” Featuring buxom babe Nicki “Can I get that coke, can I get that Henny” Minaj, there’s plenty of booty dropping and booze swilling to get you in the mood for your next spin on the dance floor. Look the part by following these five steps to channel these seductive harlots we lovingly know as video hos.

Pants? What are pants? Nothing you need to be concerned about when sweeping the floor with your booty in da club. A body suit will do, especially one from the pants-less capital of the United States, American Apparel.  $26 American Apparel