5 Sandals that Save the World

Sandals these days do more than keep your toes breezy on a sunny afternoon. They do things like provide clean drinking water to impoverished communities. Or conserve massive plots of endangered rainforest. Some provide education and all make you look good. Get yourself a pair of feel good sandals for summer.

Educate Uganda!
Not only will these sandals transform infinitely with your choice of straps looping through holes on the soles, but they’re also helping young women of Uganda move ahead in the world. Sseko Designs hires a group of graduates for the customary Ugandan 9-month break between secondary school and university. This allows them to earn the funds to learn more, so they can stop making sandals, and go on to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, designers…. as infinitely many choices as there are ways to wear the shoes.  Sseko Designs