5 Red Lipsticks That Don’t Contain Crushed Beetles

There’s a secret ingredient in your red lipsticks that make them so vibrantly crimson: Beetles. Cochineal beetles, to be precise. They’re also in most red food-coloring. But you’ve looked at the ingredients! It says nothing of pulverized insects. No, they pass under the name “Carmine” and have been crawling on your lips for eons. While you wipe away your heeby jeebies, we’ve stirred up a few lipsticks for you that aren’t bugged. And somehow term vegan, becomes a whole lot less crunchy than the alternative. 

5 Red Lipsticks That Dont Contain Crushed Beetles


Gabriel Cosmetics
Instead of beetles, the red is derived from St. John’s Wort plant. Get it in the hue of $17 Seashell