5 Best Makeup Tutorial Videos

As much as we embrace what we’re born with, there’s no denying that makeup can do some major magic tricks in terms of editing your appearance.  Mastering the art of contouring can make you seem thinner, and highlighting will brighten up a dull face.  We have picked our 5 favorite YouTube tutorials on how to fool people into thinking that you were born a ten (and no, one of these is not the Jenna Marbles satire). Try out a couple and send pics of your final look to contest@fashionindie.com for a chance to win a really great beauty swag bag!

How to look 10 pounds slimmer (and hide your double chin!) with contouring and highlighting.

How to fake cleavage. Ps. This is a man. If he can do it, so can you.

How to fake having plump Angelina Jolie lips.

How to make small eyes instantly bigger.

How to make your cheekbones look sky high.