4 Weddings and How to Dress Appropriately for Each

Weddings: a time of joy and extraordinary inebriation. We love a good wedding (reception), especially when it comes to getting gussied up for the occasion. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of appropriate wedding attire. At the last one I attended, I saw someone wearing jeans. JEANS! Granted this was in Ohio where the hillbillies roam free (love you homeland!), but the real truth stands, no one knows how to properly dress anymore. But if you need some assistance in this area, don’t fret. Here are four types of wedding – black tie, cocktail, daytime and casual – and the breakdown of what to wear for each.


Black Tie
You need to remember two things when you receive an invitation to a black tie wedding – gowns and tuxedos. Don’t even think about showing up in a short dress. Use this occasion to wear that elegant gown collecting dust in your closet, or treat yourself to something shiny and new. Strappy, sky-high shoes and a crystal-encrusted clutch are perfect for rounding-out the look.

Alexander McQueen Organic Patterned Black Lace Fishtail Gown
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Gucci Andrew Sandal

Marchesa Crystal and Stone Clutch
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