2 Weeks Until Hermes Price Increases Worldwide

The already uber-expensive French luxury brand Hermes is planning to announce an overall company price hike sometime within the next 10 days. If you’ve been planning on saving up (or buttering a sugar mama/daddy) for that Birkin or Kelly, now is the time to buy. ? With the bags already shooting into the price range? hundreds of thousands? what on earth could be justifying a price hike and how much could the rise be?…

The hikes are rumored to happen anywhere between January 24th to early February and have already been noticed in Europe and Asia. ? Markups on the bags, accessories, scarves, jewelry and shoes will be around 9%. ? Hermes ceo Patrick Thomas told BusinessWeek? that the “reasonable level” is due to “significant” silk, cashmere, and crocodile skin costs increases. ? Thankfully, Hermes is one of the most esteemed investment brands, and their bags’ value, in most cases, have incredible return rates if ever sold. ? Happy shopping (or in our cases, happy dreaming).

2 Weeks Until Hermes Price Increases Worldwide