11 Pairs of Pigtails For Grown Up Girls

Every since reading the pigtail scene in 50 Shades of Grey, we’ve been pondering whether the double pony tailed look usually limited to young girls really should be part of our grown up lady hair repertoire.  Wanting to scream a big fat yes (anything to up our chances of meeting that Mr. Christian Grey) we found the following examples of grown up pigtails that get away from girly and are downright sexy.  

Styling tips for pigtail wearers over the age of 6:  Tease your hair a bit at the roots (the dirtier and more textured the better) and keep your tails low by the nape of your neck. Add a texturing paste and roughen up the ends of your hair to go from angelic little girl to big girl gone bad.  Finally, pull out some tendrils and add thick black eye liner for a seductive, slept in look. Et voila! Send in your pictures to beauty@fashionindie.com and we’ll tweet them out to the world!