10 Fur-tastic Winter Hats

Having already been? donning my new faux fur trapper, even on inappropriately warm days, I’m very ready for the winter of the fur hat. It certainly makes sense, what with this being the year of the hat, so you won’t get away with re-wearing your pilling beanie of seasons past (not that I thought you’d try). No, the hat du jour is furry, real or fake (someone’s judging either way), so trap yourself a bit of coziness around the head, and keep toasty cool.

The Spirithood is a super special faux fur animal hood that comes down like a scarf to form paws (aka pockets) at the bottom. They come in all rad animals, even a new skunk. This one is the red fox.  $129 Spirithoods

Quick backstory: the founder of the Yay Life Tribe wore his Spirithood to festivals, and realized how happy they make everyone. He would constantly send people to Spirithoods to get their own. Through sheer love of the hood, and a little persistance, he became the official Spirithoods Ambassador. After that, he made the Yay Life Tribe his full time gig, spreading good’n'pure happiness to anyone around him. I met him at Bonnaroo, and he shared this story with me. #YayLife!!